Saturday, August 29, 2009

fasting in 2009

i dont know what I want to describes about myself today..
nothing special happens today..
just fasting as usual like others peoples..
just go to the BAZAR and search something sweet and smooths..
for me to eat when the AZAN calling..
ahaa ! ;))
my money was flow like a water..
just 1week,I had finished RM100..
fuh !
so shocked..
i got die if I like this everyday..
so ?
now,its time for me to spent my money..
for my money not flow like a water again..
last thursday,i got a money 2500 from ptptn..
wah !
all my friends ask me for sent gifs to them something goods or anything interesting..
my cousin also tell me to spent money for her and eat some food at some peaceful place..
I ask her "oh,no ! I'm in terrible now"..
i'm fever..
always fever..
i got a sneeze..
and chokes..
i think its not H1N1,ryte ?
I'm sulking with my mum..
she doesnt want buy for me some goods..
i want buy some shoes..
i want a new one..
my shoes like a rubbish..
i want throw away this shoes..
but,she said dont wasted her money..
so misery..
huh !
but the way,i'm buy a new one with my money..
my own money..
she dont know i buy it a new one at some place..
high heels shoes..
my days ending like this..
just counting days per days..
for celebrating HARI RAYA..
yeay !
HARI RAYA coming soon..