Friday, November 27, 2009

is it hurt ?

already too many errors that I make ..
errors that led my darkness ..
either where the darkness ..
no friends flashlight ..
quiet quiet darkness my taste ..
only accompany the strong winds ..
do not know which direction to move on ..
often make my mistake ..
errors that no forgiveness ..
forgiveness that has gone no further ..
second by second i feel..

very ill to swallow me ..
I have lost direction ..
My mind is blank speechless ..
looks like the confused ..
look briefly hysterical ..
do not know what to do again ..
strange things I often visit ..
I also like not identify themselves ..
I like living in a fantasy universe ..
full of illusion ..
illusion that only haunt me ..
follow me to wherever ..
I fooled ..

fooled with colorful life ..
I mistakenly step ..
I'm fooling in the colours of the sparkling ..
but my stay here ..
Prabowo Prabowo undergo life
hope brightness accompany with happiness..

no longer flashes painful..